Advisory Disclosure

Joel P. Jensen Middle School

Advisory Disclosure


Purpose: There are three main goals for our 30-minute Advisory period:

  1. Students meet with their Advisory Teacher who will provide extra support for students as they work toward proficiency of standards.
  2. Students will be given the opportunity to get their “Paws on Books” and read silently for most of the period. This is an attempt to improve our students’ literacy skills.
  3. Teachers may meet quietly with individual students to advise them on their grades and missing work. Teachers will also read for some of the time during advisory to serve as role models as readers.

Optional: Teachers may choose to watch CNN Student News for part of the time, but reading should take place for at least half (15 minutes) of the Advisory period.

Grading: Advisory is held for the first two weeks of school and the first week of every quarter. The Advisory period will be graded on a pass/fail basis. 60% or above will be passing. Students will receive their daily points in their Advisory period by attending and reading for the expected amount of time. Student will receive half of the points if they read for part of the time, and all the points if they read the full expected time. If the optional news program is used, they may receive half of the points for watching quietly and half of the points for reading.

Make-up: Students will be required to read during RTI in the ZAP Catch-Up Lunch room to make up advisory points. A short writing assignment will be part of receiving their make-up points.

Attendance: Attendance will follow the Utah Compulsory Education Law.  Success in school is closely aligned with student attendance.

Please have a parent/guardian sign and date this by Thursday, August 22, 2019 for part of your 1st quarter grade in advisory.

We, the undersigned, have read and understand the JPJMS Advisory disclosure.

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Please have your student return this completed form to his/her Advisory teacher.