School Disclosure

Joel P. Jensen Middle School
Disclosure 2017-2018

Welcome to Joel P. Jensen Middle School. The administration and faculty at Joel P. Jensen believe that an important part of being a successful middle school is helping our students make a smooth transition between elementary school and high school. Organization is a key component to that successful transition. We strongly believe that if classroom practices and expectations can be aligned school wide, our students will be more organized and confident. In an effort to streamline this organizational process, the faculty and administration at Joel P. Jensen Middle School support the following school wide behavior expectations:

Prepare to learn
Respect for all
On time
Winning attitude
Listen to directions

Students are required to practice the school-wide behavioral expectations in all areas of the campus and building, including classrooms, gym, cafeteria, hallways, Kiva (auditorium), Media Center (library), and restrooms. Consequences for positive and negative behaviors are:


Self-respect and self discipline

Verbal redirection

Class and school wide incentives

Remove from situation

Positive descriptive note home to parent

Contact Parent

Positive interaction with staff

Referral to an administrator

Standards-Based Grading:
Joel P. Jensen, like the other middle schools in the Jordan School District, is moving toward Standards-Based Grading in their teaching and grading philosophy. Because of this, much of students’ grades will be based on the proficiency of their knowledge in their various subjects. Our teachers’ goal is to help their students achieve mastery of the state standards. At the same time, our teachers will be giving their students multiple opportunities to show that they have mastered the standards.

School-wide Citizenship Policy:
Students are expected to be in the classroom with their materials ready when the tardy bell rings. (Students who have an unexcused tardy may not get credit for the starter assignment.) The following citizenship grades will be based on class behavior, attitude and attendance.

H = Honor (0-1 tardies & no referrals)

S = Satisfactory (2-3 tardies & no referrals)

N = Needs Improvement (4-6 tardies or 1 referral)

U = Unsatisfactory (7+ tardies or 2+ referrals)

School-wide Late Work Policy:

  • Teachers will provide students with sufficient time to complete assignments, and will clearly inform students of assignment due dates.
  • Teachers will show some flexibility in accepting late work. Teachers are asked to establish reasonable protocol for accepting late work. Administration will analyze and approve each teacher’s late work policy.
  • Teachers willing to support middle school philosophy to the full extent may accept all work until the end of the quarter.

School-wide Make-up Work:

  • If your child is absent, please call the attendance office at (801) 412-2858.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to ask teachers for assignments missed due to an excused absence. An excused absence does not mean the assignment is excused.
  • Upon return to school, students will be given the same number of days that they missed to turn in all make-up work.
  • We encourage teachers to maintain a file crate with extra copies of assignments and worksheets from the quarter so students can easily obtain their missing work to make up.


Opportunities for Enrichment and Extra Help:

  • Teachers are available to students for a half hour before and after school for Enrichment
  • Students learn organizational and study skills, and have a structured environment to complete homework.
  • RTI occurs three times each week for students to be re-taught and to receive help from their teachers in each of their subjects.
  • “Panthers Supporting Panthers” is a peer tutoring group that has been set up for one-on-one help. Please contact Mr. Charon in room 106 if your student needs individual tutoring.”