School Info

School Info
Contact Information:
Main Office – (801) 412-2850
Attendance Office – (801) 412-2989 or
(801) 412-2858
Counseling Center – (801) 412-2860
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School Closure Guidelines
About Joel P. Jensen Middle School:Joel P. Jensen Middle School is located in West Jordan. The goal of Joel P. Jensen is to provide a meaningful academic, social, and emotional environment.
The school serves about 850 students in grades seven, eight, and nine.
Joel P. Jensen, opened in 1984. The school is completely accessible to everyone.
The school operates on a standard nine-month calendar. School begins at 7:30 a.m. and ends at 2:30 p.m.
All staff members are certified to teach in their assignment area of expertise. All teachers and administrators are evaluated on a regular basis.
The curriculum follows guidelines set by Jordan District and the Utah State Board of Education. In addition to basic subjects, students are offered a variety of classes in music, art, vocational education, and foreign language.
A qualified staff provides resource education for students who require a more individualized program of study.
Honors and AP programs are provided for students who meet the criteria.
We have a high level of expectations for students to maintain attendance, discipline, and dress code standards.
Joel P. Jensen provides a breakfast and lunch program.
An active PTA and School Community Council support continuous input regarding community needs and concerns. Both groups meet regularly.
Community volunteers are always welcome. Volunteers provide a variety of support services to the school.
Parents are welcome to visit the school. All visitors are asked to check in at the office upon arrival.
Our school encourages student involvement and provides many opportunities for students to develop leadership skills.
Our students participate in MESA, science competitions, leadership conferences, and music festivals.