Principal’s Message

Incredible Changes at JPJ

What an exciting time to be at Joel P. Jensen Middle School! In thirty years this school has not undergone changes that we have seen this summer. Upon entering the main doors, the first thing you may notice will be the cool breeze that greets you. August and September were always sweltering in our building. Fans would be on in every classroom just to move the hot air around and allow some sort of breeze. Outside doors would be propped open to bring new, warm air inside an even warmer building. Gone are those days and the only challenge we have now is that it may feel too cold in parts of the building as thermostats are monitored and adjusted.

The next thing that you will notice immediately after the cool air will be the second set of security doors, that will be locked after the bells rings for school to begin. People from the community may no longer just walk around our building freely, unchecked and unsupervised. Every visitor must enter into the main office now. Most will arrive to check their students in and out, and the attendance office is conveniently and safely located in the main office, right by the main doors. To add to the security, our full time officer is just a few steps away and the office is under constant camera surveillance. Your students have never been safer in a school as they will now be at JPJ.

As you step into the main office, you will notice that it is no longer the band room. The band and choir rooms have been switched with our main, attendance, and counseling offices. Their brand new facilities will help our music program continue to grow. Our counseling center is located where the old choir room used to be and even has a beautiful glass entryway for those entering from the main (flag) hallway of the school.

Speaking of beautiful glass, as you stand in our main office, your eye will immediately notice our long glass wall looking out into our hallway and our new logo on the floor. These windows are actually another safety feature so that our office personnel can see all that is taking place in our hallway. I do believe that we will be going through much more glass cleaner this year, but the windows look a great deal more inviting than the brick ever did.

Finally, what you will notice as you look into the hallway is how bright it is in our school building. Like the air conditioning, is a school-wide upgrade. Our old bulbs have been replaced by LED lighting, so it is now not only brighter throughout our hallways and classrooms, but it is actually much cheaper to light our building. That is a win-win, for sure!

Speaking of winning, it is the students and our Joel P. Jensen community that come out on top with these amazing upgrades! We thank our School Board and our district administration for not forgetting about us. Our new and improved school building is a testament to their desire to continue to see Joel P. Jensen Middle become the school of choice for our West Jordan area. We are cooler, brighter, and safer than ever!

Project Details:

Susan Himanshu


Fashion Forest Inc


October 2012



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