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No Photo Available
Photo of Janee Harwood
Janee Harwood Nutrition Service Worker
Photo of Dana Hauptfleisch
Dana Hauptfleisch Nutrition Service Worker
No Photo Available
Todd Hougaard Infini-d Lab
No Photo Available
Melora Jensen Academic Coach
No Photo Available
Jacey Jones Language Arts
Photo of Emily Kershaw
Emily Kershaw Language Arts
Photo of Rachael Kimball
Rachael Kimball Main Office Assistant
Photo of Karen Koons
Karen Koons Cluster Aide
Photo of Isabel Krebs
Isabel Krebs Registrar
No Photo Available
Valerie Lake Nutrition Service Worker
Photo of Emily Landeen
Emily Landeen Main Office Assistant
Photo of Katie Larsen
Katie Larsen Hall Monitor
Photo of Bryan Leggat
Bryan Leggat Principal Administration
Work Phone: (801) 412-2850
No Photo Available
Japheth Long Health/P.E.
Photo of Aura Lopez
Aura Lopez ESL Aide