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Photo of Sarah Colby
Sarah Colby Attendance Secretary
Photo of Sharla Cracroft
Sharla Cracroft Cluster Aide
Photo of Katy Dalley
Katy Dalley Social Studies
No Photo Available
Photo of Paige Dayley
Paige Dayley Language Arts
No Photo Available
Melanie Decker Main Office
No Photo Available
Martine Demers Academic Coach
No Photo Available
Dr. Daniel Drew CTE Business
Photo of Demi Dubach
Demi Dubach Social Studies
Photo of Elizabeth Eggli
Elizabeth Eggli Lunch Cashier
Photo of Karen Elkington
Karen Elkington Nutrition Service Worker
Photo of Tawnya Elwood
Tawnya Elwood Nutrition Service Worker
Photo of Tasha Faber
Tasha Faber Lunch Clerk
No Photo Available
No Photo Available
Janet Fraizier Psychologist
No Photo Available
Nicholas Griggs Cluster Aide